Jayshree Ullal

Jayshree Ullal

Jayshree Ullal is a well-known businesswoman, CEO of Arista Networks, and leader in technology. She has received recognition for her outstanding contributions to the technology sector and her inventive leadership. We will examine Jayshree Ullal’s early years, schooling, career, personal life, and accomplishments in this article.

Facts about Jayshree Ullal

Full Name Jayshree Ullal
Birth Date March 27, 1961
Age 62
Source of Wealth Computer networking, Self Made
Residence Saratoga, California
Citizenship United States
Marital Status Married
Children 2
Education Bachelor of Arts/Science, San Francisco State University; Master of Science, Santa Clara University
Net Worth 310 Crores USD


Early Years

Jayshree Ullal, a well-known entrepreneur of British-American descent, was born on March 27, 1961. Her birthplace was the vibrant metropolis of London; nevertheless, she was raised in the culturally diverse city of New Delhi, India. Her perspective has been greatly influenced by her experience navigating different cultures.

She started her academic career at San Francisco State University, where she studied electrical engineering and graduated with honors. Ullal pursued her studies at Santa Clara University, where she earned a master’s degree in engineering management since she was determined to expand her knowledge and abilities even further.

Personal Life

Vijay Ullal, a well-known venture capitalist and investor who most famously helped the positions of president and chief operating officer of Fairchild Semiconductor, and Jayshree Ullal share the same life story. With their two lovely kids, their family is complete. They live in the charming city of Saratoga, California.

Her family plays an important role in her daily life. She is devoted to her niece and nephew and has a strong bond with her late sister, Saratoga City Councilwoman Suise Nagpal.

Career Life

Ullal has an as interesting and varied career as she has a varied personal life. She started her professional career with well-known firms including Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Fairchild Semiconductor, where she held a variety of technical and strategic roles. Her affiliation with Crescendo Communications, where she played a key role in the introduction of the first generation of Ethernet switching and CDDI devices, was a noteworthy turning point in her career.

When Ullal joined Cisco Systems in 1993, the business made its first purchase and entered the switching industry, it was a pivotal moment in her career. Throughout her more than 15-year tenure with Cisco, she was instrumental in the expansion of the company’s Catalyst switching division.

Andy Bechtolsheim and David Cheriton, the co-founders of Arista Networks, selected Ullal as CEO and President in 2008. 2014 saw the firm go public under her direction with a successful IPO on the New York Stock Exchange.

Early career

After working for Fairchild Semiconductor as a senior strategic development engineer, Ullal eventually joined Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), where she created high-speed memory chips for Hitachi and IBM. She began working with Undermann-Bass in 1988, rising to the position of director of the company’s internetworking business unit.

Ullal became vice-president of marketing at Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) network devices manufacturer Crescendo Communications in March 1992. She worked on first-generation Ethernet switching and contributed to the development of the 100-Mbit/s Copper Distributed Data Interface (CDDI) products.


Cisco Systems bought Crescendo Communications in September 1993, which was the company’s first purchase and entry into the switching business. As a result, Ullal started working for Cisco and joined the Cisco Catalyst switching division, which expanded from its founding in 1993 to a $5 billion company in 2000. In the Enterprise group, as vice president and general manager of LAN switching, Strategic efforts including content networking, policy networking, IP telephony, and unified communications were started by Ullal. For Cisco, she supervised over 20 mergers and acquisitions in the enterprise space.

In the Data Center, Switching and Security Technologies Group, she rose to the position of Senior Vice President by 2005. Among the duties were overseeing the application/virtualization and modular Nexus and Catalyst Data Centre Switching services, which generated over $15 billion in direct and indirect income. Over more than 15 years, Ullal worked for Cisco.


Co-founders David Cheriton and Andy Bechtolsheim appointed Ullal President and CEO of Santa Clara, California-based Arista Networks in October 2008.

Because of her work at Arista Networks, Ullal was recognized by Forbes magazine as “ one of the top five most influential people in the networking industry today”.

Ullal oversaw Arista Networks’ June 2014 IPO, which was listed as an ANET offering on the New York Stock Exchange.

In 2018, Barron’s “World’s Best CEOs” list included Jayshree, and in 2019, Fortune listed her among the “Top 20 Business Persons.”

Awards and honors

  • First woman to be awarded the Entrepreneurial and Leadership award, sponsored by Silicon India, in 1999
  • Nominated as one of the 20 powerful Women to Watch in 2001 by Newsweek[citation needed]
  • 2001 Innovator and Influencer Award by Information Week[citation needed]
  • 2005 One of the 50 Most Powerful People in Networking by Network World[24]
  • One of the Top Women in Storage in 2007[9]
  • A Women of Influence award for Security CSOs in 2008
  • A Top Ten Executive in VMWorld 2011
  • One of the seven prominent Indian-origin women in the IT industry, according to The Economic Times
  • Recipient of the 2013 Santa Clara University School of Engineering Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award
  • Ranked #2 in Top 25 Disrupters of 2014 list by CRN
  • Ranked #3 in Top 25 Disrupters of 2015 list by CRN
  • Ranked #9 in the 30 Most Impressive Female Engineers Alive Today list by Best Computer Science Degrees
  • EY US Entrepreneur of The Year Award Winner 2015
  • World’s Best CEOs: Growth Leaders 2018
  • 1 on Masala’s MOST INFLUENTIAL Asian Women in America list
  • Named to Barron’s “World’s Best CEOs” list in 2018 and 2019.
  • 18 on Fortune’s Businessperson of the Year for 2019 list.
  • Honoured with 8th annual Forbes’ America’s Richest Self-Made Women in 2022.
  • Member of Silicon Valley Business Journal’s first Power 100 list for 2023.
  • 2023 ET Global Indian award winner

Age of Jayshree Ullal

Jayshree Ullal was born on March 27, 1961, making her age of 62 today.

Salary of Jayshree Ullal

Although Jayhree Ullal’s precise compensation is unknown, it is known that she has a sizable stake in Arista Networks. According to Forbes, she now holds around 5% of Arista’s Equity.

Jayshree Ullal’s Family and Parents

Although not much about Ullal’s parents is known to the public, it is known that she has a close relationship with them. Her immediate family is her spouse Vijay Ullal and their two children. She also had a close bond with Susie Nagpal, her late sister.

Net Worth

Although Jayshree Ullal’s exact net worth is unclear but estimated at 310 Crores USD, her financial situation is strong given her lengthy and successful career as well as her ownership of Arista Networks. Indeed, in 2022, she received the 8th annual Forbes’ America’s Richest Self-Made Women accolade as recognition.

Interesting Facts about Jayshree Ullal

Since 2008, Jayshree Ullal has served as President and CEO of Computer networking company Arista Networks.

In 2022, the publicly listed corporation brought in around $4.4 billion in sales.

Snowflake is a cloud computing firm that went public in September 2020, and she is a member of the board of directors.

A portion of Ullal’s 2.4 % stake in Arista is designated for her two children, a niece and a nephew.

Her prior employment included positions at software company Cisco Systems, Semiconductor behemoth Advanced Micro Devices, and Fairchild Semiconductor.

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