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Bill Ready is a prominent name in the tech world who has worked with many top tech companies. He is the current CEO of Pinterest. From his early days working at his father’s auto-repair business to leading global tech giants, his journey is clear evidence of the power of determination and a forward-thinking mindset.

Ready’s story is not just about corporate success but also about a relentless pursuit of innovation that has redefined the landscape of online commerce. He has made significant contributions to the tech industry and continues to inspire many with his work.

Read this article to learn more about Bill Ready’s life and accomplishments. We will uncover a narrative that is both inspiring and instructive, offering valuable insights into the world of technology and commerce. 

Quick Facts About Bill Ready

Full Name Bill Ready
Current Position CEO of Pinterest
Birth Date 1987
Birth Place United States
Education Harvard Business School
Wife Unknown
Children Unknown
Estimated Net Worth  $48 million

Bill Ready Wikipedia & Biography

When Bill Ready was just 13, he started working in his father’s auto-repair shop in Kentucky as a mechanic. However, he soon realized that he wanted a corporate career.

He decided to further his education and went on to study information systems and finance at the University of Louisville. His hard work paid off when he graduated at the top of his class, earning him the title of valedictorian. Later, he went on to earn an MBA degree at the prestigious Harvard Business School.

After gaining valuable experience at McKinsey & Co. in Chicago and contributing to the growth of three startups, Bill Ready took on the role of CEO at Braintree. This company provides online credit card payment processing services to various businesses, including Hotel Tonight and 37Signals.

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Bill Ready Career Journey and Timeline

Bill Ready began his career as an engineer at two successful startups, Emphesys and Netzee, which had significant achievements, such as merging with Humana in 2001 and going public in November 1999, respectively. He also served as a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company, where he guided leading fintech businesses.

In 2008, he joined iPay Technologies as president. Under his leadership, the company saw a period of substantial growth in sales and profitability. This success led to its acquisition by Jack Henry & Associates in 2010 for a whopping $300 million.

Bill also held the position of COO at PayPal. In this capacity, he oversaw product development, engineering, and comprehensive customer service for PayPal’s consumer, merchant, Braintree, Venmo, Paydiant, and Xoom businesses. He also co-chaired PayPal’s Operating Group, which was tasked with meeting the company’s sales and profit goals.

In January 2020, Bill joined Google as the President of Commerce. His role was expanded in April 2021 when he was promoted to President of Commerce, Payments, and Next Billion Users.

In June 2022, Bill took on a new challenge when he was appointed as the CEO of Pinterest. Before this, he had a decade-long tenure as the president of Google Commerce and a board member of Venminder.

Current Positions of Bill Ready

Companies Position Start
AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING, INC. Director/Board Member 2016-01-07
WILLIAMS-SONOMA, INC. Director/Board Member 2020-03-08
PINTEREST, INC. Chief Executive Officer 2022-06-28
Director/Board Member
Consultant / Advisor 2019-02-28
Consultant / Advisor

Bill Ready’s Wife and Kids

Despite his popular professional life, Bill Ready keeps his personal life private, including details about his wife and children. It’s important to respect individuals’ privacy, especially when they choose not to share certain aspects of their personal lives. 

Bill Ready’s Salary in 2024

As the CEO of Pinterest, he earned a total compensation of $122,651,735 in the fiscal year of 2022. His earnings include a salary of $203,030, stock options worth $100,815,383, stocks valued at $21,532,700, and other compensations amounting to $100,622. These figures are based on the proxy statements filed for that year.

Bill Ready’s Net Worth in 2024

As of March 2024, Bill Ready, the CEO of Pinterest Inc., has an estimated net worth of at least $11 million. He holds approximately 222,551 shares in Pinterest Inc., valued at over $8 million. In addition to his role at Pinterest, Ready serves as the EVP and COO of PayPal Holdings Inc., where he owns about 56,283 shares, which are worth over $4 million.

Bill Ready’s Current Holdings

Name  Equities Percentage Valuation
PINTEREST, INC. CLASS A 998,226 0.17% $37 million
AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING, INC. 18,642 0.00%  $5 million
WILLIAMS-SONOMA, INC. 6371 0.01% $2 million

Bill Ready’s Social Media Accounts

Bill remains active on social networking sites, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, his absence from Facebook and Instagram seems to be meant for keeping his personal life private. You can connect with him through his official LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. 

Here’s the link to Bill Ready’s official social media accounts: 

Twitter @williamready
LinkedIn Bill Ready

PayPal COO Bill Ready Announces Departure

Surprising Facts About Bill Ready

  • At the age of 13, Bill Ready began working as a mechanic at his father’s auto-repair business in Kentucky.
  • He studied information systems and finance at the University of Louisville, where he graduated as valedictorian. 
  • Before joining Pinterest, he had experiences at McKinsey & Co. in Chicago and three startups.
  • Ready worked for Google from January 2020 to June 2022. He started as the President of Commerce and was later promoted to President of Commerce, Payments, and Next Billion users.
  • Besides his role at Pinterest, he also serves on the Board of Directors of Williams-Sonoma, Inc. and ADP.
  • Under his leadership, Pinterest, with more than 400 million active users each month, has established a robust advertising company that increased sales by double during the pandemic.

Bill Ready Quotes

“One of my favorite things to do is to talk to users and see how they find inspiration on Pinterest and increasingly turn that into action.”

“Inclusive AI is a key pillar in how we’re working to build a more positive internet.”

“More than half our employees are women and we are focused on fostering a culture where innovation and inclusion is paramount.”

“My team and I consider this the most consequential work of our lifetimes — and we’ve only just begun.”

“We’re building a better internet for our better selves—one that helps improve your emotional wellbeing rather than threatens it. While the work is never done, I’m proud of the progress we’ve made in this year’s I&D report.”


Who Is Bill Ready’s Wife?

Bill Ready keeps his personal life private, including details about his wife and children. 

What Is Bill Ready Age?

Bill Ready is currently 37 years old as he was born in 1987. 

How Much Does Bill Ready Earn?

As the CEO of Pinterest, he earned a total compensation of $122,651,735 in the fiscal year of 2022. His earnings include a salary of $203,030, stock options worth $100,815,383, stocks valued at $21,532,700, and other compensations amounting to $100,622.

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